Kassandra Triebel

"Thüringische Landeszeitung" 1994
"Lübecker Nachrichten" 1997



"Lübecker Nachrichten" 2015
"Lübecker Nachrichten" 2014
My filmcrew in an interview at "slamarama" (Shortfilmslam) in Lübeck. Photo: Julian Graf.
"Lübecker Nachrichten" 2012
Lübecker "Wochenspiegel" 2005
"Lübecker Nachrichten" 2010
Lübecker Nachrichten",2000
"Neue Braunschweiger" 2012
International art show FORMART in Glinde "Bergedorfer Zeitung", 2008
"Weserreport", 2010
"Sud-ouest Charente", 2009
"Münchner Wochenanzeiger" 2010
"Segeberger Zeitung" 2006
"Braunschweiger Zeitung" 1996


Born 1966 in Braunschweig. In 1987, I passed the advanced diploma for design and enrolled as guest student of the photoclass of photographer Ute Karen Walter at the Braunschweig University of Art.
Decisive for my professionell devellopment were also the internships with the theatre painters and with the stage and costume designer Friederike Singer at the Theatre of Braunschweig.

Fascinated by the world of theatre, I trained as a make-up artist with the National Theatre of Weimar, following an apprenticeship as a hairstylist.
From 1996 through to 2007, I worked as a make-up artist at the Theatre of Lübeck.

Since then, I have been working as a freelance make-up artist for theatres and film productions, and as a freelance artist in Lübeck.




1989   University of Art Braunschweig, Exhibition "Sehgang", class of photographer Ute Karen Walter.

1996   HKD Braunschweig  solo exhibition "Persona, the Mask"

März 2006  Gallery "Eigenart" Lübeck solo exhibition

Sept. 2006   Kulturwerkstatt Pronstorf solo exhibition "The animal"

April 2008   Internationale Art Show "Formart", Glinde

Nov. 2008  "Atelier Turan", Lübeck, solo exhibition light- objects

Mai- August 2009 "Artemis Galerie", Bremen, drawings

Sept. 2009 "Kunst im Hof", Kulturzentrum Hansastraße, Kiel, light- objects

7.12.09-13.12.09 Galerie du Couvent des Récollets, Cognac (France), light- objects

08.02.-28.02. 2010   Museum of the town Bad Schwartau "Men with beards and other self- portraits"  (pictures in oil and acrylic, solo exhibition)

26.6.2010  Art- market  Berlin

09.10.-19.12.2010  "Atelier Brandt Credo", Bremen solo exhibition (drawings and light- objects)

27.11.2010 - 15.01.2011 Gallery-bar "Kostbar", Munich- Schwabing solo exhibition (light- objects)

06.01.2012 - 02.02.2012  Defacto Art Gallery "Fear and Coincidence" solo exhibtion and film performance

03.02.2012 - 01.03.2012  Town Hall Achim  solo exhibition (pictures in oil and acrylic, drawings and light - objects)

06.05.2012 - 11.06.2012  Administrative Court Braunschweig "Face to judge" solo exhibition (pictures in oil and acrylic) and film performance

01.07.2012 Open Air Gallery Berlin

17.08.2012 - 19.08.2012 Vision SternwARTe (Art Show at the Observertory), Hamburg

19. 11. - 19.12.2012  Live CV Lübeck Film Performance and paintings, Lübeck 

06.04. - 26.04.2014 Stewner Gallery - solo exihibition of new paintings and film performance "A summer's winter complex"

28.09. - 02.11.2014 Literature Gallery Eutin "Fascination of red"

29.04. - 07.05.2016 Defacto Art Gallery " - solo exhibition "Present - Perfect"

27.11.2016 - 19.02.2017 Indigo Café Lübeck - solo exhibition "Blue Hour"

21.09.2018 - 17.10.2018 Gallery C- Keller Weimar "We, the Pixelated People" - solo exhibition



Film performances

22.10.2009 International Shortfilm Show Kulturzentrum Hansastrasse, Kiel  "Ask the neighbour!"

07.02.2010  Museum of the Town Bad Schwartau, Vernissage "When I was old"

20.03.2010 Shortfilmslam "Slamarama", Filmhaus (Cinema) Lübeck "When I was old"

09.10.2010 Atelier Brandt Credo "When I was old"

16.12.2010  International Shortfilm Show Kulturzentrum Hansastraße, Kiel "When I was old"

18.11.2012 Live CV Lübeck Short Film Night

07.12.2012 Cinema "Filmhaus" Lübeck Shortfilm Slam "Sleeplessness"

06.04.2014 Stewner Gallery "A Summer's Wintercomplex"

29.04.2016 Defacto Art Gallery "The Ruins of My Neighbour"

25.03.2017 Center of Culture and Communication Brunsviga "The Ruins of My Neighbour"

21.09.2018 Gallery C- Keller Weimar "A Summer's Wintercomplex"



My Focus of Work:


I acquired a basic knowledge of chromatics and the use of tempera/water- colours at the art college. And my training as a make-up artist then deepened my understanding of aethetics and various means of expression. I am however, a self- thought teacher in acrylic and Oil colours and had never taken any painting lessons.


Portrayels: the outer and the inner persons are brought to light.


Impressionistic Facial Features: Painting from memory without any piece of reference. Often a face, not a particular one, and its environment fuse together into a landscape.


Abstraction: The brushstroke forms rectangles, making a more liberal approach at forms.




Drawings, divides into drawings in pencil, charcoal and ink.

At the art college, I learnt how to use the rapidograph. Unless they have dried up, I like working with these technical pens, which facilitate a very fine work, but also with quill and paintbrush. It takes dedication!



Threedimensional artwork made of wood, plaster, clay or other materials. This inculdes masks made of leather, fabric or paper mache (see "Transformation") and light-objects which were made similarly with a special resin.

Unlighted, the light-objects look like sculptures and seem to be made of ceramic or stone. Once you light them from the inside, they appear to be semi-permeable, hidden structures become visible.




Transformation of people through makeup is a temporary pleasure. Some photos here are just for documentation. Others are part of my artwork, when backstage situations become a scene of its own, a synthesis of my make-up work and my ambition as a photographer.

I also creat transformations only for photo sessions using makeup in a more liberate way: more improvisations and traces than completed makeup-art; a hint of history, more imagination than fantasy, leaving cliches aside.

Another part of my photographic work consists of portraits for advertising and websites.

For a long time I used the old-fashioned analog photography and made black and white pictures in the darkroom. Since it's so hard to get the stuff, I appreciate digitally photography.





In 1997 I discovered filming with a friend of mine who had an old fashioned super 8 camera. Super 8 has its special character, which you can neither create nor imitate with all digital means possible. Apart from experimental sequences, I have been making these short films, which I scriptwrited, directed and cut with adhesive tapes (rather sensational that this technique still exists.) Now I handle the camera (Super 8 and digital) myself. Since affordable digitally cameras and edition programs have improved significantly, I make films actually only digitally.



1997  "Der Dachfürst" ("Lord of the Roof") Super8, 7 Min., colour, silent, Cam: Moritz Schmidt

1998  "Enter Hamlet"  Super8, 3 Min. b/w, sound, Camera: Moritz Schmidt

1999  "Les Préludes"  Super8, 17 Min. colour and b/w, silent, Camera: Moritz Schmidt

2006  "Es" ("It") Super8, 15 Min. colour and b/w, silent

2008  "Frag den Nachbarn!" (Ask the neighbour!) Super8, 9 Min. b/w, silent, Camera: Moritz Schmidt

2010  "Als ich alt war" (When I was old)  Super8, 17 Min. b/w, silent Camera: Moritz Schmidt

2012 "Schlaf raubend" ("Sleeplessness") Super 8, 14 Min. silent b/w

2014 "Winterkomplex" ("A Summer's Wintercomplex") 15 Min. Super 8 + digital, sound

2016 "Die Trümmer meines Nachbarn" ("The Ruins of my Neighbour") 45 Min. Digital

2016 "Der verschenkte Raum" ("The Space Given Away") 13 Min. Digital, with Gitesh Klatt

2018 "Der Weg" ("The Way") music clip for the band Black Cap

2018 "Rabensolo" ("Solo Of The Raven")